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It is the purpose of this website to provide a central database of information related to Colt automatic firearms throughout their history and the men and women behind Colt firearms. We’re particularly interested in the later era automatics, from the 1950s on, and our website articles and videos will reflect that. There is much more data available in books and online for the earlier model Colt automatics then the later era ones. We are hoping to fill this void of information. Have you ever tried to research exactly when, and how many of a particular Colt automatic were made? Officer, Commander and Mustang models can be particularly hard to research and identify. Along with the many Colt Custom shop automatics that were produced under their mysterious roof throughout those years

Is your Colt automatic in one of Colts “missing serial number runs? “ Was it owned at one time by some famous General, actor, politician or maybe someone in your own family! Not an easy task to find out for many of the models produced by the Colt Hartford plant. Forty plus years after I held my first Colt automatic firearm, while collecting, trading, studying about and shooting these fantastic firearms, I still see or hear about some Colt “mystery” firearm.

Researching Colt automatics before the internet was time consuming and difficult. To be able to gather this data on this website would be an invaluable tool to many researching information about their Colt automatics. Many of you hold the key of information about a particular Colt automatic for someone researching that firearm. I myself have been able to solve some of my own Colt mysteries by talking with people at gun shows and at the local shooting ranges. We encourage you to share your knowledge about Colt automatics here on our website. It is with this in mind we would like nothing more than to grow into an informative database of photographs, videos and information about the best automatic firearms ever made. Colt automatic firearms.
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